STREET DANCE 1: Learn 10 moves. Beginner. 7-11yrs

13 students

10 x 2-3 minute lessons  You can learn everything in one go, or split into short, sharp sections – to fill in whatever time you have!

A funky Street Dance course for beginners. Learn 10 different Street Dance moves from scratch and practise them to music with the dancers.

You can also find a BONUS LESSON in the form of a dance game where children have to remember and perform all 10 street dance moves. This extra lesson lasts approx 7 mins. For further progression after these lessons, children can move on to the Street Dance Challenges (found in the course list)

This course is perfect for learning as a whole class at school, as brain breaks in class or as dance delivery for indoor PE. It can also be used for learning at home. Recommended age 6 – 10 years. Also suitable for SEN.