ANIMALS DANCE 6-9 yrs Full course 5 x 45 minute lessons

16 students

The Animals Dance FULL COURSE

Includes 5 x classes. Each class is 40-45 minutes.

A fun, creative and entertaining dance course, perfect for children aged 6-9 yrs (school year 2, 3 & 4). The challenge is to learn all the moves from the dancers in the video, then try and remember the whole dance –  all 9 different animal sections! There is even chance for children to make up their own animal dance steps!

Great to learn at school and at home!
This dance is suitable for children aged 6-9 years old and perfect for using in schools for covering the Primary Dance PE curriculum. During this course, children practise core movement skills including: Strength; balance; flexibility; coordination; rhythm and musicality.

This dance course is very accessible for boys and girls and great for children with and without previous dance experience.

“My class loved learning the Animals Dance and found the music for the composition tasks gave them lots of ideas for their own movements”

How it works
The professional dance teachers demonstrate the movements step-by-step then encourage the children to practise and remember what they have done through repetition. Children simply follow the dancers’ instructions from the class videos and join in.

Each class starts with a warm up, followed by learning dance steps and technique, a creative composition task and ends with a cool down.
An important part of developing dance skills is having opportunities to compose their own routines and develop creativity. In each class, there is the chance to choreograph their own dance steps and phrases with the inspiring music provided.

A few of the sections in the course are available to preview – please take a look…